A 2 day course - Co-developed with internationally renowned dementia thought leader and award-winning author G. Allen Power, M.D., this in-depth, 2-day experiential workshop from The Eden Alternative® features a radically different approach to caring for people who live with dementia. Explore and apply an experiential model for dementia care that facilitates meaningful engagement, empowered interactions, and significantly improved well-being via the application of person-directed practices. 

Learning Designed for Real Life

  • Uses The Eden Alternative Domains of Well-Being® as a practical framework for dementia care that puts the person first.

  • Targets the root cause of dementia care challenges

  • Addresses unmet needs, as signals of distress

  • Presents a framework for care planning focused on the whole human being

  • Offers solutions based on detailed insights of what you need to know, notice, and do

  • Recognizes well-being as a human right


"Dr. Power's examples and reasoning are excellent. Employees will be able to relate."

-Sandy Gardner

Expert information for every day

  • Identifies different types of dementia in detail

  • Presents misperceptions about dementia & why they should be challenged

  • Details understanding a diagnosis from a person-directed perspective

  • Reveals the limits of stage theory

  • Explains how sigma can cause unmet needs and increase medicalizing

  • Recognizes well-being as a human right

Pricing Options

Individual Registration - $500
Group Rate - $450
Eden Members receive up to 20% Off

Why This Training Delivers

  • Easy to understand solutions you can use immediately

  • Online dementia training that is flexible, affordable, actionable, and innovative

  • Supports different living environments: nursing homes, assisted living, and home-based care

  • Built on the framework of The Eden Alternative Domains of Well-Being®

  • Speaks to a variety of stakeholders: care employees and family members

  • Provides an alternative to one-size-fits-all, reactive approaches

  • CEU access

Mar. 14 - 15, 2024

Phoenixville, PA

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