A 5-day train-the-trainer experience for Certified Eden Associates

Are you. . .

  • Fired up and passionate about The Eden Alternative?

  • Skilled in public speaking, teaching, or presenting?

  • Awesome at creating excitement about new ideas?

  • Committed to transforming perceptions of aging in our society?

  • Experienced in successful implementation of person-directed care?

  • Inspired by education that is collaborative, highly engaging, and hands-on?


"Learning about The Eden Alternative was transformative for me. Loneliness and boredom, when expressed by my mother, were things I thought were within her control - she could fix them by doing this or that. And everything I did as a 'caregiver', although done with love, helped perpetuate her feelings of helplessness.

I had heard the term 'care partner' used, but it wasn’t until taking an Eden Alternative training that I truly understood the importance of being a partner in care and how vital it is to creating a collaborative care partner team. As an Eden Educator, I have the honor of inspiring others to partner with those they support in a way that truly makes a difference.”

~ Mel Coppola
Consultant and Certified Eden Educator, Florida

You will gain

  • Confidence

    Practice delivering Eden Alternative content in a supportive environment

  • Skills

    Develop the skills and knowledge needed to facilitate learning and inspire action

  • Know-how

    Learn how to manage challenging training situations

  • Insight

    Benefit from constructive feedback and peer-to-peer learning potential

  • Mastery

    Deepen your understanding of the Eden Alternative approach and its successful application

  • Community

    Build lasting connections with other Eden Educators

Exceptional content

“The quality and content of Eden Alternative education is exceptional. It exceeded our expectations, and it will assist us to change the culture of care
to a person-directed approach.”

~ Jackie Simkins
General Manager, Kaitaia, New Zealand


You must be a Certified Eden Associate to apply to attend Eden Educator Training.

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The Eden Alternative is an international, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization focused on creating a world that celebrates aging and human potential. Dedicated to creating quality of life for elders and their care partners, wherever they may live, we offer person-directed training and consultation services designed to create revolutionary shifts in the culture of care. From the nursing home to the neighborhood street, The Eden Alternative provides a flexible framework for personal and organizational transformation that honors each individual and supports empowerment, growth, and purpose. For more information, visit www.edenalt.org.